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The FORTE Story

The word ' FORTE ' originates from the French word ‘Fort’, conveying the meaning of excellence, strength, specialty and experience, therefore this word was chosen because it demonstrates the commitment of Formosa Biomedical Technology Corp in ' Striving to be the Best. ' FORTE 's roots can be traced back to 1996 when Mr. Yung-Ching Wang, Formosa Plastics Group Founder prepared a business trip to Mainland China.

He asked his daughter Ms Reyu Wang (present Chairman of Formosa Biomedical Technology Corp) whether there was a moisturizing product he could use to prevent dry and chapped skin caused by the severe cold weather.

Back then, the staff of the Detergent Division of Formosa Chemicals and Fiber Corp. (formerly led by Ms Wang) created an enriched nutrition gel to maintain the skin's moisture and enhance metabolism for Founder Wang.

After consistently using the gel, Founder Wang was surprised to find his skin became very smooth and even his easily dehydrated cheeks looked and felt soft; he highly praised the gel's effects, and with this, the gel triggered the Formosa Plastic Group to enter the skincare and cosmetics industry. A few years later the brand FORTE was founded, and to this day continues to demonstrate Formosa Plastic Group's resolution to succeed in the skincare and biomedicine markets.

The Beginning

In 1999 Chairman Reyu Wang started to gather together abundant manufacturing, medical and academic resources within the corporation to establish Formosa Biomedical Technology Research and Development Center. Building upon years of production and R&D experience, Ms. Wang also invited highly respected clinical experts to join the R&D team, including renowned doctors from the departments of dermatology, plastic surgery and traditional Chinese medicine in Chang Gung Memorial Hospital; as well as PhD leveled researchers from Chang Gung University ( College of Medicine, Graduate Institute of Biochemical and Biomedical Engineering and Graduate Institute of Natural Products ), Mingchi University of Technology and Chang Gung Institute of Technology as well as a leading team of dermatologists from Chang Gung hospital.

With an intensive study of plants, extensive development of biotechnology and abundant dermatological experience from Chang Gung University, Mingchi University of Technology and Chang Gung Institute of Technology, the Formosa Biomedical Technology Research and Development Center was founded; and this with collective wisdom including manufacturing, medical and academic elites FORTE was born in 2003. FORTE offers cutting edge research and scientific expertise - two factors which make us the industry leader in Taiwan and we are committed to achieving new milestones in the skincare market in Taiwan.

Brand Concept

Established in 2003, FORTE has dedicated itself to being caring and compassionate about our customers and implements CPIP as the core business philosophy.

These 4 criteria don't work independently - they are implemented mutually and rigidly. Based on the philosophy of CPIP we strive to develop FORTE in all aspects, whether it be in R&D, product development, manufacturing or general management. We care passionately and listen to our customers' demands, pledging to satisfy their desire for perfection with our expertise and innovation.


CPIP consists of 4 crucial aspects: caring, professionalism, innovation and perfection.

  Caring We are concerned about our customers, and strive to discover their real needs through professional medical and academic research.
  Professionalism We provide reliable and trustworthy products all of which are supported and developed by Formosa Biomedical's professional R&D expertise.
  Innovation We fully recognize market trends and distinguish ourselves from other competitors through our unceasing innovation, outstanding product uniqueness and market segmentation, FORTE can truly satisfy every constumer!
  Perfection Each and every FORTE product is launched to fulfill customers' desire for perfection.


Our Products

Adjusting to meet local conditions

Recognizing differences among all skin types caused by different lifestyles and ages, Formosa Biomedical R&D team developed a series of products in 2001 to meet these differnet needs. Responding to Taiwan's tropical climate, FORTE conducted numerous researches, in order to see symptoms or conditions that people in Taiwan would encounter most frequently. In this way, appropriate prodcuts would be developed to satisfy Asian women of different ages and with different skin types as well.

Current Developments

In October 2003 FORTE set up its first retail counter in the Breeze Center, Taipei and within these years has opened many counters in upscale department stores across Taiwan, as well as FORTE Boutiques and franchises.

Furthermore, to further satisfy our customers' desire for perfection FORTE has opened 3 premium spas in Taipei, Lin-Ko and Kaoshiung to provide extensive skincare services. The toll-free customer service hotline offers professional service and facilitates better communication with our customers.

But most importantly, in line with our brand promise 'FORTE for Perfection', we are committed to providing the best quality and comprehensive service network possible and this is one manifestation of Formosa Plastic Group's business mantra 'Striving to be the Best'.

Future Prosppects

Since the launch of its skin care products in Taiwan two years ago, FORTE has gained widespread recognition and popularity due to its superior quality and effectiveness and with the support of Formosa Biomedical Technology Corp's professional 'manufacturing, medical and academic' competence, FORTE will continue to care, listen and feel the real needs of customers in the future.

Supported by clinical expertise and outstanding R&D capabilities from Formosa Biomedical Technology Corp's professional medical research and development team, FORTE will continue to develop premium skincare products that fall into six areas - Living, Biology, Biochemistry, Medicine, Pharmaceuticals and Medical Materials to fulfill our customers' desire for perfection.